Saturday, February 28, 2009

5 Reasons to Use Boraxo Soap

Reason #1: Boraxo powdered hand soap is "green"

I'm obviously not talking about the color green because Boraxo is white, but I am talking about green as in good for the environment. Boraxo powdered hand soap is made from all natural ingredients that will not pollute the environment.

Reason #2: Boraxo exfoliates

Boraxo is a fantastic skin exfoliate. You could spend big bucks on high priced exfoliate products, but for my money, Boraxo soap is the best exfoliating soap. I just love how my hands feel after washing in Boraxo.

Reason #3: Boraxo cleans where other powdered hand soaps fail

Grease and grime can be a real problem for regular hand soaps, but Boraxo has scrubs your hands clean and carries away all of that grit and grime. If you are someone who gets their hands dirty - auto mechanic, gardener, factory worker etc., then I don't think you do any better than Boraxo powdered hand soap.

Reason #4: Boraxo has a great history

It's not often that you get a chance to use a product that has changed little in over 100 years. They got Boraxo right to begin with and it is just as good in modern times as it was in the Wild West. Boraxo has history and is truly an American original!

Reason #5: Boraxo is unusual

There really isn't anything quite like Boraxo soap on the market today. While it can be a little difficult to find in the store, it is well worth ordering some Boraxo powdered hand soap. I've used some expensive soaps that supposedly exfoliated, but they dissolved way too quickly to get the job done. If you are sick of using mundane, mass produced soaps that don't get the job done then you definitely need to try Boraxo soap!

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