Monday, February 23, 2009

Boraxo Soap: Welcome

This blog is obviously for all Boraxo soap lovers. It may seem strange to be in love with a soap, but for anyone who has ever used the glorious scrubby combination of borax powder and soap understands how wonderful it really is. I have never found a soap that gets my hands so clean. They look clean, they feel clean, they ARE clean! The magical scrubby soap powder scrubs your hands clean while simultaneously exfoliating. I am talking exfoliating on par with any commercial, trendy, and expensive exfoliating products. Boraxo gets the exfoliation job done and its been around for for more than 100 years.

You may wonder how much there could possibly be to write about a soap. Obviously you have never used Boraxo! The soap inspires me! Just so you have no doubts, I will be able to provide quality content!

In the posts ahead, we will cover the history of Boraxo hand soap, the ingredients, the special qualities, the future, celebrity endorsements (yes, none other than Ronald Reagan was a spokesman for Boraxo soap!), the myriad of beneficial and theraputic uses of the soap. This is truely the hub for all things Boraxo! I will also provide many tips and unusual ways for using Broaxo in your daily life.

So, join me my fellow Boraxo soap lovers in celebrating the world's greatest soap! We will go on this great Boraxo soap journey together knowing that we are not alone in our love of Boraxo powdered hand soap!


  1. I too share your love of Boraxo soap!!!

  2. Hi there! I was trying to find out the active ingredients for Boraxo soap. Apparently Lana Turner used Boraxo soap with water as a mask for her face. I have never heard of it before! Here is the link interviewing Lana Turner's daughter stating she used it...

    Thank you!!